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Sad News

I’ve just been told Emmy Award winner, and sometime commenter Billy Crystal was recently in an accident at the local chemical factory.  He is currently in the hospital, and we’ll have more details as soon as they become available. In … Continue reading

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L’shanah Tovah!

Oh behalf of all of us at A Nice Place™, I would like to wish all of our Jewish readers (if we have any) a happy new year.  And offer them this video.

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Arabian Crash

A young woman in Saudi Arabia who defied ultra-conservative kingdom’s ban on women driving was injured when the car span out of control and plunged into a stream, a newspaper reported on Tuesday. Women drivers… Hope she gets well. And despite … Continue reading

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Nobel Dude: American Writing Too “Insular”

TOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) – The man who announces the Nobel Prize in literature says the United States is too “insular” and ignorant to compete with Europe when it comes to great writing. In an exclusive interview with The Associated Press, … Continue reading

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Sing For Change

How do they expect this to convince people? Check out some of the lyrics: We’re gonna spread happiness We’re gonna spread freedom Obama’s gonna change it Obama’s gonna lead ’em We’re gonna change it And rearrange it We’re gonna change … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it’s just the opposite.” – John Kenneth Galbraith

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The Economy

The economy is like a heart.  Blood has to pump through it, in this case, money and assets.  Sometimes capital loses its value and gets stuck in the system.  These “toxic assets” are like cholesterol.  They stick to the wall … Continue reading

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