Arabian Crash

A young woman in Saudi Arabia who defied ultra-conservative kingdom’s ban on women driving was injured when the car span out of control and plunged into a stream, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Women drivers…
Hope she gets well. And despite the danger on the road, I hope all women there soon gain the ability to drive.
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3 Responses to Arabian Crash

  1. Billy Crystal says:

    How dare you sir. How DARE you, spreading this filth! You’ve seen what one woman behind the wheel does! Can you imagine an entire country of them, previously forbidden from driving, suddenly getting behind the wheel with no training, no understanding of the intricacies of Driver’s Ed? It would be catastrophic, do you understand me? There would be chaos in the streets. You disgust me. You try and pass as a feminist when you’ve never acted so before. WHERE DO YOU GET OFF SAYING THESE THINGS?!

  2. Keljeck says:


  3. Billy Crystal says:

    No, my line streaked compadre, curse you. *flies away*

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