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Tuesday’s Comic Book Panel AND Random Internet Image

I’m a bit late, was gone the weekend. Advertisements

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Partakers of the DIvine Nature: Theosis and Christian Perfection

The Eastern Orthodox doctrine of theosis, or deification, is one that is alien to Christianity in the west, and to many observers may seem heretical at first glance.  The closest western doctrine to Theosis may be the Wesleyan concept of … Continue reading

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In Honor of The Dark Knight…

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More Tragic Gaming

A mysterious disembodied voice has commented on my Tragic Gaming post with something a bit too substantive for me to respond to in the comments box, so I’m going to do it here.  Besides, it gives me more time to make up … Continue reading

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Enough of That, Here’s a Funny Picture Someone Else Made!

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One Last Thing…

It is interesting to note that a lot of our greatest tragedies come from quite moralistic times.  Shakespeare is from the Elizabethian and Jacobian eras (and his greatness wasn’t realized until many years after).  Death of A Salesman came out … Continue reading

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Sense of Shame

There are so many ways for me to take this topic I’m surprised I didn’t try it earlier.  Forgive me for continuing so fast but I need to get this out of my mind. The biggest problem the game industry … Continue reading

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