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Dragonball: Evolution, A Review For Those In the Know

To cut to the chase, out of a Five Star system, I give it *1/2. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it was pretty entertaining, though half of the time it was entertaining the … Continue reading

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Signs the Economy is Bad

When Nicolas Cage has to sell his bavarian castle: The global recession has forced American actor Nicolas Cage to tighten his purse strings and sell his sumptuous castle in Bavaria, in southern Germany. “Due to the difficult economic situation, unfortunately, … Continue reading

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The Lord Giveth, and the Lord Taketh Away

I added WorldNetDaily to my RSS feeds for potent blogging material, and they did not disappoint: Atheist Richard Dawkins has rejected an offer of $10,000 for an hour-long debate with Christian author Ray Comfort, telling WND he would participate in … Continue reading

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You’ve Been Down Too Long in the Midnight Sea, Oh What’s Becoming of Me?

I want to write something to spend my time with, so I went searching for a video of Kevin Kelly speaking at the TED Conference, which I saw awhile ago. The video (which in some way is related to my … Continue reading

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Ralph Nader?

Over at that other place, ChocoMooseMan has a surreal clip of Ralph Nader on Sesame Street.  No doubt planting the seeds for his eventual run.

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Monday Melomaniac Review 1

Here at A Nice Place, we would like to keep things “nice”. So to keep you from running away by inside drama, I’ve decided to give you, the public, from me. Melomaniac I may not be, but just go with it anyways. What I am though, is a very analytical, and objective person, giving me the ability to review and think what’s right for the best of us. And when I mean the best of us, I mean anyone around listening to GOOD music (not the mainstream crap of today!). Today we review Dream Theater’s best, Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes from a a Memory Continue reading

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New Favorite Author?

I was reading portions of a Chinese history book for a class, and on the side they had this story: I dreamed I was in the classroom of a primary school preparing to write an essay, and asked the teacher … Continue reading

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