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ANP Classic: Pokemon 2.B.A Master Review

I’m going to try to come back, but first, I want to recollect. Today many of us may harangue about the evils of 4Kids. How they ruined One Piece, how they rendered Yu Gi Oh indecipherable (and possibly for the … Continue reading

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Video We Don’t get #241134

  I enjoy being part of the in crowd.

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I Don’t Understand

I still don’t quite understand this video.  As far as I can ascertain, you’re getting shot, and in that moment it doesn’t matter what others think of you, but what God thinks of you. Or, believing in creationism will prevent … Continue reading

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“I Got So Drunk/High Last Night”

If that is the best you can do with conversation, you need a better hobby. But not needlessly trolling A Nice Place™ that position has already been taken.

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General Grievous is the Very Model of a Modern Major General

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Film at 11

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Proof Bill Gates is the Spawn of Satan

In case there was still room for doubt: LONG BEACH, California (AFP) – Microsoft founder turned disease-battling philanthropist Bill Gates loosed mosquitoes at an elite Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Conference to make a point about the deadly sting of malaria. “Malaria is spread … Continue reading

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