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That’s It…

Sorry about the delay, it’s getting close to finals and I have papers and such.  But there’s nothing that makes me post like Mike Gravel, the candidate A Nice Place supports for the Presidency of the United States.  It’s been … Continue reading

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Mike Gravel is back baby! Take that Obama!  Yeah! Let’s debate the issues!  Mike Gravel is the most substantive candidate in the race.  Take a look at all of his other videos tackling such deep issues as rocks, fire, why people won’t … Continue reading

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An Enlightened Reflection

Here’s a short four page paper I was asked to write for my History of Christian Thought class.  It was on how I viewed the Enlightenment’s effect on Christianity, and most particularly it’s claim for Revelation.  I got a good … Continue reading

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Techie Fight Club

First watch this, and then read this. This is not a joke, they do wear that crappy clothing, they do fight with purses filled with lead and Martha Stewart magazines, and they really are that bad at fighting. The ring … Continue reading

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Stereotype Prover of the Day

I found this on Hit and Run and had to post it. Obsessed ultra-Republicans have created their own alternative to wikipedia called Conservopedia. I usually never bothered with it, but check out the most popular pages.  

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SHOCKER: Sexual Harassment Rampant at Schools

What!?  From a NYT Blog: More than a third of middle- and high-school students may be victims of sexual harassment by their classmates, a new report shows. The problem of sexual harassment from peers — which can include name-calling and … Continue reading

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Beaver Wastes Vodka

From Russia: CHELYABINSK, April 25 (RIA Novosti) – A huge beaver crashed into a food store near the south Urals city of Chelyabinsk on Friday smashing a shop window and several bottles of vodka, local officials said.   “The saleswoman … Continue reading

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