SHOCKER: Sexual Harassment Rampant at Schools

What!?  From a NYT Blog:

More than a third of middle- and high-school students may be victims of sexual harassment by their classmates, a new report shows.

The problem of sexual harassment from peers — which can include name-calling and unwanted touching in hallways and classrooms — is often largely dismissed as normal student behavior by school officials. However, the emotional toll of sexual harassment by school kids appears to be even worse than physical bullying, according to new research published this month in the journal Sex Roles.

This is terrible.  And it is a bit worse than I would expect (though on the second thought, it sounds about right).  So why am I feigning shock?  

Middle and High Schoolers are a bunch of young, hormone-crazed, energy-filled, adolescents.  Sex is a joke, they are frustrated, and they are trapped in academic prisons.  Taking pop culture into consideration, and how it views sex (just watch Comedy Central) this is… well… expected.

Terrible, but expected.  It’s not going to be fixed with sex ed, tolerance programs, and zero tolerance.  It’s something bigger than that.

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5 Responses to SHOCKER: Sexual Harassment Rampant at Schools

  1. Dragonmati says:

    in my opinion
    they are making a big deal of something that is by far too natural

  2. Keljeck says:

    Well, if it’s causing distress, as the report indicates, there is something wrong.

    I agree, if you cage up a bunch of teens something like this is natural. The issue is the system, but that still doesn’t excuse sexual harassment.

  3. Dragonmati says:

    well technically if they aren’t reporting it, then they don’t care or want it, therefore it stops from being harassment at all

  4. Keljeck says:

    Or, it means they are too afraid to report it. Or ashamed of it in the first place.

    Which is much more common.

  5. Dragonmati says:

    not to me =P

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