Techie Fight Club

First watch this, and then read this.

This is not a joke, they do wear that crappy clothing, they do fight with purses filled with lead and Martha Stewart magazines, and they really are that bad at fighting.

The ring leader says in the video that the point is going back to the caveman, because “More and more, all the socialization rituals of men have just been purged, and what we have left is just the homogenized corporate man.”  But what is the point of the caveman’s aggression?  What is its purpose?

To put it quite simply it’s to protect the tribe, and to control the tribe.  The caveman fought outside and inside forces.  If a bear attacked or something, they would fight back, if someone in the tribe rebelled, they’d fight back.  In the end the point is to preserve stability.  It’s not lashing out for lashing out’s sake.  Manliness requires self control.  Theodore Roosevelt was by far more manly than, let’s say, Chris Benoit.  Benoit was strong, and had a strong will, but was ultimately done in by a lack of self control.  I wouldn’t consider him a man.

Are they learning anything through this that would be beneficial?  Can they use their skills with lead filled purses to ward off attackers?  Or discipline their children?  Or get a good job?

What they are doing is not “macho” or “manly”, just look at them.  They’re fighting in fencing masks with smiley faces.  They look like morons, and they act like adolescents.  It’s the young boy who lacks self control.  What is this other than a more dangerous backyard wrestling ring?

From the article:


Men involved in fight clubs often carry bottled-up violent impulses learned from video games, cartoons and movies during childhood, said Michael Messner, a University of Southern California sociology and gender studies professor.


“Boys have these warrior fantasies picked up from popular culture, and schools sort of force that out of them,” he said. “The good guys always resort to violence, and they always get the glory and the women. Sometimes men carry that fantasy into their adult lives.”


There is often a sadomasochistic thread running through underground fight clubs, said Michael Kimmel, a sociology professor at Stony Brook University in New York.


“Real-life fight clubs are the male version of the girls who cut themselves,” he said. “All day long these guys think they’re the captains of the universe, technical wizards. They’re brilliant but empty.

I don’t entirely agree with this.  Our stories have always had a degree of violence, violence makes things interesting.  I don’t think many people would care about Macbeth if he worked things through with King Duncan with a calm and leisurely discussion.  Violence is a part of the male mind that simply cannot be denied, it’s to be explored.  

Something is keeping them from reaching manhood.  They are going through things that would have been best channeled in school.  They reach adulthood, find a degree of freedom, and take advantage of doing what they always wished they could do, like the good Professor says.  

They are emasculated, and they react in very emasculated ways.  If they were real men they would channel their urges through martial arts (even mixed martial arts!), hunting, hiking, scuba diving, camping, learning new things…

They need to grow up.


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