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Internet Religion

Given my observations of the internet I have reached this conclusion. In terms of religion there are four major groups. First, there are the crazy fundamentalist Christians who are absolutely certain they are right because of how well they can … Continue reading

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In Memorium: 2.B.A Master

Today many of us may harangue about the evils of 4Kids. How they ruined One Piece, how they rendered Yu Gi Oh indecipherable (and possibly for the better). I’d like to go back to the happier times, when 4Kids was … Continue reading

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Rated T for Teens

Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Everyone has their own conclusions

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Batman Sues Batman

Batman has a new adversary: Batman. The mayor of an oil-producing city in southeastern Turkey, which has the same name as the Caped Crusader, is suing helmer Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. for royalties from mega-grosser The Dark Knight. Huseyin Kalkan, the … Continue reading

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Allen Ginsberg Vs. John Lofton

From HARPER’S MAGAZINE, January 1990, Readings WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE [Reprinted from “The Puritan and The Profligate,” an interview with Allen Ginsberg in the December issue of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture , published in Rockford, Illinois. The interview was conducted by … Continue reading

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Japanese Bikini Jeans

… yep.

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Gore Vidal Is Going Senile

He reminds me of Grandpa Simpson at the end.   “I know the BBC audience likes the Facts of Life.” Who doesn’t?  It was a great show.

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