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‘Cause This Is Thriller!

It has come to my attention that Chile is in the middle of one of those election things.  They’re having their run off election now and I don’t know if there are any chileans reading this but if you are … Continue reading

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First They Came for the Charlie Brown Christmas Special…

Things are good for blogging right now, so I thought I might as well.  I went looking for some stuff to talk about and found this: In the opinion of Arlington Mayor Russell Wiseman, President Barack Obama’s speech on Tuesday … Continue reading

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Tony Blair, Antichrist

So if this does happen, what’s the over/under on the number of people who will think he’s the antichrist? Continue reading

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Ralph Nader?

Over at that other place, ChocoMooseMan has a surreal clip of Ralph Nader on Sesame Street.  No doubt planting the seeds for his eventual run.

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Heads and Tails Meet

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“Hire Me” Watch

Though I do read the New York Times I hardly ever read Bill Kristol’s column, however, I do read Culture11.  And I read Mr. Schwenkler’s “glowing” review on his blog Upturned Earth, which was recently moved there. So I thought I’d … Continue reading

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