‘Cause This Is Thriller!

It has come to my attention that Chile is in the middle of one of those election things.  They’re having their run off election now and I don’t know if there are any chileans reading this but if you are I would like to offer my own suggestion.  As you know, here at A Nice Place™ we feel politicians are too boring and stuffy.  In the 08 election we supported Mike Gravel for the US Presidency.  Our reasoning was:

Mike Gravel is the most substantive candidate in the race.  Take a look at all of his other videos tackling such deep issues as rocks, fire, why people won’t let him say what he wants to say, whether he’ll run with Ralph Nader, and how he gets to the bottom and goes back to the top of the slide, and he stops and he turns and he goes for a ride, till he gets to the bottom and HE SEES US AGAAAAAAIN.

We don’t choose people based on whether they will win, but rather on whether they make us happy.  Because, frankly, that’s all that matters.  Neither guy will get much accomplished, and on the important things they don’t seem too far apart.  So why not vote for the funny guy?  Politics is boring, it’s time to get beyond it.  So we here at A Nice Place™ support Sebastian Piñera in his run for the Presidency of Chile.  Why?

He has some sick dance moves.

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2 Responses to ‘Cause This Is Thriller!

  1. Dragonmati says:

    And as a good friend of mine once said, “Welcome to postmodernity…”

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