Signs the Economy is Bad

When Nicolas Cage has to sell his bavarian castle:

The global recession has forced American actor Nicolas Cage to tighten his purse strings and sell his sumptuous castle in Bavaria, in southern Germany.

“Due to the difficult economic situation, unfortunately, I was no longer able to keep it,” the 45-year-old told German celebrity weekly Bunte.

Cage, whose mother has roots in Bavaria, bought the 28-room Neidstein castle with 165 hectares of forest and gardens two years ago, reportedly paying $US2.6 million for the property, which dates back to the 16th century.

I didn’t know he had a bavarian castle. I thought he was more the crystal-fortress-in-arctic type. I guess that’s what he gets for doing The Wickerman.
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Tony Blair, Antichrist

Tony Blair has emerged as the leading candidate to become the first permanent president of the European Union after Gordon Brown gave his grudging blessing to the plan.

So if this does happen, what’s the over/under on the number of people who will think he’s the antichrist?

If only there was a way to trace his Roman blood…

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A common problem I have had with World Of Warcraft had to do with the Blood Elves.  When I talk to a quest giver they usually respond “Light be with you.”  Most of the time I react “and also with you.”

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The Lord Giveth, and the Lord Taketh Away

I added WorldNetDaily to my RSS feeds for potent blogging material, and they did not disappoint:

Atheist Richard Dawkins has rejected an offer of $10,000 for an hour-long debate with Christian author Ray Comfort, telling WND he would participate in the argument only on a list of conditions, including a $100,000 donation to his foundation.

Dawkins also is demanding that a staff member for his website be allowed to film the event and then distribute it as a DVD, “if he thinks it is funny enough.”

This is a true shame.  If only the man who believes that religion is child abuse would agree to debate the man who believes that a domesticated banana keeps atheists up at night.  Why, we could enter into a new age of learning, and peace.  Only good things like happiness, and love, and laughter could come out of such an encounter.  Something truly earth shattering, and age defining. Death would be no more, and flowers would spontaneously sprout out of every oriface.

But alas, it is not meant to be.  No, we must drudge on, slowly, and toilously, knowing that much like Voyager, the trek continues.  But we may go forth in the secure knowledge, that our Borg are as easy to defeat as Team Rocket.

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“I Got So Drunk/High Last Night”

If that is the best you can do with conversation, you need a better hobby.

But not needlessly trolling A Nice Place™ that position has already been taken.

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You’ve Been Down Too Long in the Midnight Sea, Oh What’s Becoming of Me?

I want to write something to spend my time with, so I went searching for a video of Kevin Kelly speaking at the TED Conference, which I saw awhile ago. The video (which in some way is related to my story) brings up the astonishing fact that at, at least at the date the video was recorded, the internet was nearly 5,000 days old. He then offers what he believes the next 5,000 and beyond will bring.

What I felt the need to address is how necessary transparency is in his vision of Web 3.0.  His Web (The One) is ubiquitous, and saturates absolutely everything.  Everything is cataloged and every detail is known.  From my friends, my family, my job, where I live, where I am, everything.  And even after a a year this much is becoming clear.  The security of Facebook makes people feel better about putting their information on the internet, like wading into the shallow side of the pool, or Richard Dreyfuss’s Baby Steps.  Twitter asks that the user answer the question, “What are you doing?”  Not only this, but more people are being sucked into the Web.  It was a culture shock when my Mother got a Facebook account, but I find it much harder to believe that my Grandfather would succumb.

If the future is transparency, and a somewhat frightening interconnectiveness, then what will happen to internet culture?  What happens to the porn?  The scientology bashing?  The pirating?  The snark?  What will happen to everything else?  Will things like lolcats or the Rick Roll have surprising traction outside the geekiest of circles?  What happens to internet identities in a world where it becomes harder to conjure one?  When the internet voice is synonymous with your own?  What leaks in, and what disappears?

This is probably incredibly portentous.  But I hadn’t been saying much, and this came to mind.

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Ralph Nader?

Over at that other place, ChocoMooseMan has a surreal clip of Ralph Nader on Sesame Street.  No doubt planting the seeds for his eventual run.

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