New Favorite Author?

I was reading portions of a Chinese history book for a class, and on the side they had this story:

I dreamed I was in the classroom of a primary school preparing to write an essay, and asked the teacher how to express an opinion.

“That’s hard!” glancing sideways at me over his glasses, he said: “Let me tell you a story –

“When a son is born to a family, the whole household is delighted. When he is one month old they carry him out to display him to the guests — usually expecting some compliments, of course.

“One says: ‘This child will be rich. ‘ Then he is heartily thanked.

“One says: ‘This child will be an official. ‘ Then some compliments are made him in return.

“One says: ‘This child will die. ‘ Then he- is thoroughly beaten by the whole family.

“That the child will die is inevitable, while to say that he will be rich or a high official may be a lie. Yet the lie is rewarded, whereas the statement of the inevitable gains a beating. You. ..”

“I don’t want to tell lies, sir, neither do I want to be beaten. So what should I say!”

“In that case, say: ‘Aha! Just look at this child! My word…. Oh, my! Oho! Hehe! He, hehehehehe!’ “

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7 Responses to New Favorite Author?

  1. ChocoMooseMan says:

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to say the child is cute? Or adorable? Or something along those lines? Otherwise you’re the type of person people won’t want to bring their child around, and it’s not exactly a lie most of the time either.

  2. Dragonmati says:

    Because by your standards, VanillaDeerBoy, you would enter into the reigns of subjectivity! I personally find most babies annoying and ugly, but that’s just me 😛

  3. ChocoMooseMan says:

    VanillaDeerBoy? How do you know him? I’ve been trying to get his number for a year! That bastard owes me money! Why…why…THAT MAKES ME NOISEY AND BEGELIRELNT! ahem, sorry, that’s supposed to be noisey and belligerent. Now then, Mati, can I call you Mati? If you could be so kind, please let VanillaDeerBoy know I’ve been looking for him? Thanks a bunch kiddo.

  4. VanillaDeerBoy says:

    You rang?

  5. ChocoMooseMan says:

    Yeah! Where’s my fifty bucks! You owe me for that gaming chair I sold you!

  6. VanillaDeerBoy says:

    Now Chocy, can I call you Chocy? Chocy, I don’t know what you’re talking about. But if you’ll excuse me…


  7. ChocoMooseMan says:

    You foolish deer! You know we moose have a greater endurance and can run longer than you! No matter how fast you run, I’ll still get you!


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