Film at 11

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11 Responses to Film at 11

  1. Dragonmati says:

    Wow so apparently a ball can do a butterfly stroke really well. BUT! On to the point!

    Good Bye? I hope to hear your doing fine, of course that’s if we are only doing better (MUHAHAHAHAHA)! Oh yeah, VanillaDeerBoy says he never got the chair! BUT, good bye exploding puppy!

  2. Billy Crystal says:

    What the…what the hell are you going on about? I come back from vacation to find you lollygagging around here, talking about conniving something. Not only that I’ve gotta get my car fixed, came in on the highway, a freaking deer jumped out in front of me, being chased by a moose no less, and messed my car up pretty good, and well, anyone want any venison?

  3. Keljeck says:

    Dave, it’s ok. Everyone knows, you don’t have to keep pretending.

  4. ChocoMooseMan says:

    But I like to pretend. I’m a grown up now, and I can decide what that means.

  5. Billy Crystal says:

    By jove you’re right! Quickly, gather the cushions and blankets! WE’RE MAKING A FORT! No haters allowed.

  6. Keljeck says:

    But kicking out the haters isn’t very NICE.

    You are a hypocrite!

  7. Billy Crystal says:

    Tim Tim Tim, don’t you understand? Can’t you read? We never said we wouldn’t allow them in. If a hater can be nice while visiting, they can stay, but if they decide to do something that isn’t nice, that violates and upsets the balance of very nice, then they’ll be taken care of.

  8. ChocoMooseMan says:

    Anyone want some more venison burgers? I marinated them myself!

  9. Dragonmati says:

    Dorry Billy, but Keljeck is right, kicking someone out as a prejudgment, whether they will react in a certain way or not, before they actually act it, is in fact an action of hypocrisy on your beliefs.

  10. Billy Crystal says:

    What, are you dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I’m the goddamn Billy Crystal, and you need to learn to read!

  11. Keljeck says:

    Forget it Mati, it’s Chinatown A Very Nice Place.

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