This Just In: Keljeck sees shadow, three more weeks of winter.

As some of you may have noticed, the famously infamous Keljeck returned from wherever he had gone off too, effectively ending our search that spanned 40% of the interwebz. Using little to no technology in the search, we looked at it more as a game and never really thought to look in actual games themselves. However, after his surprise return, I took it upon myself to follow him as he left a nice place.

Keeping to the shadows, peeking around corners, I followed him through every site, down every tunnel, until finally, we came to his den, his hidey hole of sorts. At that time he looked around, content in his freedom, only to see an unusually human looking moose. The jig was up, he took off like a shot. I could only manage to take a photograph before his friends dispatched me from their realm. Now then fellow readers, take a look at the one who abandoned you. Take a look at what he’s become. 


He has abandoned us! Only making a measly post when it suits him! Join me and we shall rise up against Keljeck! This land can be ours! He cannot defeat us if we stand together! DO NOT LET WORLD OR WARCRAFT TAKE ANOTHER FROM OUR RANKS!

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8 Responses to This Just In: Keljeck sees shadow, three more weeks of winter.

  1. Dragonmati says:

    No no wait wait! Let me explain! He’s a spy there for us! You got it all wrong!

  2. ChocoMooseMan says:

    No, it is you who are wrong! He means to confuse you and lead you to his side! But you should side with me, and the rest of my righteous brethren, and together we can dispatch this eeeevil from A Nice Place!
    For too long Keljeck has launched politics, religion, and other filth into this blog, this so-called nice place. BUT NO MORE!

    I, ChocoMooseMan proclaim war against Keljeck and his allies, I stand for a united nice place, free from political oppression, free from religious quibbles, free even from “of the day” posts that don’t live up to their name! Stand with me and fight, Dragonmati, you cannot let him control you any longer! The power within you is a great one, it will turn the tide of this war. How can you think to use it to turn a nice place into a less nice place? Come with me, Dragonmati, for we shall save that which Keljeck is trying to toss aside!

    Yes, this surely wasn’t the most auspicious way to announce the now apparent civil war of A Nice Place, but then again I lack the egocentrism of our once-called leader. So be it, he may have ruled in the light, but we will strike from the shadows he has cast, and soon all A Nice Placers shall feel the sun.

  3. ChocoMooseMan says:

    I would like to add that Keljeck has tried to hide the truth several times now. His need to cover up my comments is evident that he has something to hide, he does NOT want us to succeed, comrades. Now, let us ride victoriously into the sun, as I supply funny pictures, and he supplies only philosophical garbage.

  4. Dragonmati says:

    Wait wait… if we are going towards the sun, do we have sun block?!

  5. ChocoMooseMan says:

    Yes. SPF 2000

  6. visculas says:

    You fools you know not with whom you quarrel. My manipulations go beyond comprehension. Keljeck is in my realm now, if you dare to fight me and free his soul then you will meet the same fate as that accursed Billy Crystal! In my terrible wake will remain nothing but an endless void in which only the Truth will remain. You can do nothing but pray for my gaze has fallen upon ‘A Nice Place’ and with it, your end!

  7. ChocoMooseMan says:

    You cannot hide behind your charades any longer Visculas! I admit it! I, ChocoMooseMan was the inafamous Billy Crystal! You thought it would be fun, you and Keljeck! It wasn’t fun! IT WASN’T NICE! I’M NOT PLAYING BY YOUR RULES ANYMORE! I’VE GOT MY OWN RULES NOW! BILLY CRYSTAL IS NO MORE!

  8. Dragonmati says:


    Anyways. I think I’ll pass on this one ChocoMooseMan. I really don’t like the sun, unless I meet Apollo, then I might join you!

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