Sean Connery, Greatest Actor of All Time

As everyone knows, Sean Connery is the greatest actor of all time.  Why?  What is it about The Sean that makes him so great?  Manliness.  He’s not afraid to act sensitive if he needs to, but he knows why all men watch movies, at least according to Alan Moore, Death Note enthusiast and Curser of Cinema.

Sir Sean Connery racked up huge bills on the set of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen because he demanded the film feature the biggest explosion of his career, according to writer Alan Moore. Moore, who wrote the comic the 2003 action movie was based on, alleges the actor was obsessed with having massive detonations – and even worked them into his contract.

Alan Moore goes on to claim that his contract stipulates every movie (presumably only action movies) must have a larger explosion than the last.  Those film buffs out there will immediately recall that Sean Connery’s previous action movie was none other than The Rock.  I feel bad for any director who is obligated to make a larger explosion than a Michael Bay film.
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