In Which I Promise To Do Things

I’ve been on hiatus for a bit here, and I do apologize.  I am a college student, so I had finals and exams, then I got home for vacation… and got sick.  Anyway.

I would like to thank Andrew Sullivan for his link to one of the posts here.  It’s gotten a bit of notice, at least enough to make me flip out.  It was a bit of a shock to check my email, and find that a few random people had linked to a two month old post (I think) and then the 1,000+ viewership.

So, that’s enough to get me going again!  I also put up a new header ChocoMooseMan made for us whenever we decided to leave the gentle bear on a log era.  I think this is a good enough time as any.  

Sorry that this is mostly inter-site news.  I hope to blog more tomorrow about stuff and things.  Hopefully our meager talents are enough to run with this!  Thanks everyone for coming to our site!

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