Internet Religion

Given my observations of the internet I have reached this conclusion. In terms of religion there are four major groups. First, there are the crazy fundamentalist Christians who are absolutely certain they are right because of how well they can quote the King James Version. Second, there are the “spiritual” people who make up their own religion and are somehow qualified to do so. Third, there are the atheists who, whenever a religious discussion comes up, have to remind you that they indeed have read The God Delusion, and have come to the reasoned conclusion that you have no brains. And finally, there are the people whose sacrament is calling you a fag, and whose hymn is Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.

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4 Responses to Internet Religion

  1. ChocoMooseMan says:

    What about the Muslims? The Hindu’s, Buddhists, jews, Confucianists, the brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess and the criminal?

    I mean sure, you may have went with Christianity because it’s the largest group, but that’s still only 33% of the world population, which I’m sure you know and will probably correct me of if I got wrong, but that’s assuming there aren’t crazy fundamentalist Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, or Hindu’s, to correct us if we got something wrong.

    Then there’s assumption that you’ve seen enough of the internet that you can accurately judge it. It’s not a bunch of boxes on a truck, you know. You can’t stand by and look at every single box and form an opinion on said box and call it a representative of the whole.

    Seeing as how as of November 13, 2007 estimations put the total number of websites at over 5 Billion, not including individual webpages like those of profiles on myspace. So, if you indeed have viewed all 5billion+ pages of information and people, and have found ONLY christians, atheists, self-contained spiritualists, and those better left unmentioned, then I commend you on your research.

  2. Keljeck says:

    That’s why I’ve prefaced it by saying it’s my observations of the internet.

  3. ChocoMooseMan says:

    Which means what, exactly? That you feel your observations are representative of the entire internet, or just the small portion you’ve seen? OR that since the internet is full of constantly changing people and information that to divide it into four categories is bordering on crazy if not just a little useless.

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