Starbucks and Their Free Coffee

SEATTLE — Seattle-based Starbucks is making fast changes — after being accused of breaking the law with an offer to voters. 

Prior to Monday afternoon, Starbucks was promoting an ad that said anyone who says enters a Starbucks on Election Day and says that they voted would get a free cup of tall coffee.

Election officials for the state of Washington told KIRO 7 that rewarding voters with free coffee is illegal. 

“No good deed goes unpunished,” said Nick Handy, director of elections.

Am I the only one frightened by the idea of someone voting just to get a free cup of burnt coffee?  What’s the chance that someone voting for the coffee would be able to make an informed choice?  “You know, I wasn’t going to vote, but now that I can get some cheap, overpriced coffee for free, I’m all in!”

I’m glad there’s a law preventing stuff like this.

But I’m still going to take advantage of the free coffee tonight.

Addendum: Does Nick Handy have a brother Jack?

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