LOVE, clash of Emotions

Well due to some serious technicalities (screen broke *sob*) I can’t access my PC anymore, and never got to change the format of the movie to upload it into youtube. BUT, finally it is here where it should be, newgrounds.

Check it out, vote for it if you have a NG account (and vote for it in an honest way please), and critique if you’d like (you are more than welcome). Hope you all like it, it took me a week and an all nighter, and I put real effort into it.

P.S. Also… Chile beat Argentina this week >.>

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One Response to LOVE, clash of Emotions

  1. Billy Crystal says:

    I’d like to start this by saying that I respect your work for what it is, an expression of yourself, and while the quality of the work is limited to what you have available, it seems you’ve made the best out of whatever it is you made it with.

    That said, I would like to say, Mati, that this seems to be two firsts for a nice place. I mean sure, Kel’s used random tags in an effort to get more views before, but this. This is flagrant petitioning. Asking people to vote and critique. Do you have any idea how many blogs people have to go through in a given day? Do you? I didn’t think so! They don’t have time to sit down at a nice place, eat a donut, click a link and watch a video!

    Second of all, the sports video. Completely random in a bad way. Yes, there’s a discernible difference, there’s always a difference, if you can’t see the difference then maybe you should. At least it’s not as bad as an ad, god forbid we have a page polluted with ads everywhere, but who knows what others may yet bring, or myself for that matter, heh heh heh.

    But, Mati, as I’ve said before, in my time researching and running tests on a nice place, I’ve come to find one thing. Unlike other blogs where it is up to the author to create a story, an event, or an otherwise alluring notion for the readers, it is about looking at society, at politics, at people in general. Looking at the odds and ends, the extremes, examining the ids, ego, and superego’s of the world itself, and compressing them all into a small place where it can coexist. A nice, wholesome place, where all of these different stories can mingle, yet remain separate, so as to study them, examine them, and learn from them. Or to just laugh our asses off for an hour and forget about the world. Either one works.

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