Schools Start Anonymous Tip Website

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SALT LAKE CITY – Hoping to combat the “snitch” label that often leads to silent suffering, six Utah schools have introduced a Web site that allows students to anonymously report bullies.

Brigham Young University student, Justin Bergener, created the site, which also lets students post information about thefts, drugs and harassment.

Bergener said he hopes students who might otherwise be too scared or shy to speak up will be willing to post on the site.

This strikes me as a bad idea.  It’s too easily abused.  How will the administrators know which tips to follow and which ones not to?  Besides, it won’t take long for the bully to figure out who sent the tip.

I’ve resigned to the conclusion that as long as one creates a group of children, or a group of teenagers, there’s going to be an odd ball out.  Or there’s going to be someone that gets picked on.  It’s the nature of having a bunch of kids in large groups.  The only people who can help the situation right now aren’t schools, but parents.

Not that the problem would go away, but it wouldn’t be nearly as bad.

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2 Responses to Schools Start Anonymous Tip Website

  1. Billy Crystal says:

    Bah, you’re just jealous you didn’t have this while you were in school!

  2. hall monitor says:

    This story made ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

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