Ralph Nader Goes For the Mike Gravel Vote II

I guess viral is where it’s at in 08.

We here at A Nice Place™ believe that when looking for a candidate their competence and position on the issues does not matter.  Rather, it is their image and the ability to make us laugh.  Or to entertain.  As Mike Gravel lost the Libertarian Party nomination to Bob Barr, we have been split between Ralph Nader, and a Mike Huckabee write-in.  Given that Mike Huckabee recently got a talk show on Fox News, we see him as out of the running.  However, Ralph Nader is really desperate, and desperately funny.

Therefore Ralph Nader is now the official candidate of A Nice Place™.

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3 Responses to Ralph Nader Goes For the Mike Gravel Vote II

  1. Billy Crystal says:

    You’ve actually trademarked it? I want legal papers! I want the name of your notary! I want their certification! Their dental records! And I sure as hell want some proof of a vote on promoting this absurd candidate!

  2. Keljeck says:

    Curse you Billy Crystal!

  3. Billy Crystal says:

    What’s this? A topic? I’LL HIJACK IT! NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!

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