It’s About Time

Behold for I am not dead. I also have something to say about the world of video gaming. A world in which I practically live. Specifically the games of Overlord and Star Wars The Force Unleashed(360).


For those of you who wish to play a more sinister version of pikmin this is the game for you. If you just want to be an evil overlord rising to power, this game is for you. If you want to kill and pillage and … well you get the point. As an aspiring villain myself I loved the concept of being this evil overlord that goes about the land doing whatever he sees fit. I enjoyed Overlord but it wasn’t what I was expecting at all, story line related anyway. Gameplay was good, although the camera as with all games could be worked with a bit. I could rant about that for a very long time but I digress. The main ‘protagonist’ I guess you could call him that, is a new aspiring overlord seeking to gain dominance over the fairy tale-ish land without name. Although each town or area has their own name the world itself is left unnamed. At first it appeared like I was playing Fable again with a mixture of Pikmin, both games I enjoyed much so that made me happy. Then I ran into the first town and became their hero. 

Thats right, I said hero. Because apparently there are two types of villains in their world. The evil bastards who kill everything in their sight and the villains who go around and help the villagers, save their lives and then proceed to get worshiped. Go figure, I thought the later of the two were called heros. Regardless of that fact I still looked cool in my armor and proceeded to smite mine enemies and out of boredom some of the townsfolk when they made off comments about my minions.

I won’t go into much detail, but I must say this. I’m pleasantly surprised by how Overlord turned out and although the story line seems pretty linear and overused but done so in a good way culminating in a nice ending that had I not been told about it prier to playing it would have been surprised. Its also one of the rare times when I had a really goofy grin on my face, the only time I get like that is usually toward the climax of a good game.

Force Unleashed

As a star wars fan I think this ‘review’ if it can even be called that may be a bit biased. I enjoyed The Force Unleashed, although a bit on the short side it’s definitely worth it for the gameplay and the really awesome story line that ties Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope together. It can be a bit repetitive at times but lifting someone into the air and sending them flying into any direction I please including into his friends is just to satisfying for me to get tired of it that easy. It also redeems Darth Vader in my eyes, which after his little emo fit in Revenge of the Sith is a very nice change of pace. I would love to say more then I have but I fear spoilers, and thats just not something I intend to do. (unless asked of course) Force Unleashed is definitely worth a rental but I would not suggesting shelling out the money to buy the game unless you really want to add it to you’re collection.


Now if you don’t mind I have to go lure some unsuspecting hero into my lair in a vain attempt to kill them.

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3 Responses to It’s About Time

  1. dragonmati says:

    Woah! Unexpectedness! I… well… that’s good to know. But how are the difficulty factors in each game? I saw Overlord gameplay and frankly it doesn’t look that hard.

  2. Keljeck says:



  3. visculas says:

    I can’t return calls I don’t know I have. My cell ran out of minutes so all incoming calls register as unknown number. I also can’t check my messages or anything, and with my current monetary problems it may be awhile before thats up and running again … I’ll try and call today before I go to work depending on when I wake up.

    To answer Matius’ question, Overlords difficulty really depends on how you want to play it. A bit of puzzle solving here and there mostly to keep your minions up and kicking. Nothing worse then walking along only to have all your minions drown in a humiliating but also hilarious manor because you weren’t paying attention. The less you care for your minions the harder the game gets as you progress. Also it’s not too linear so you may combat the bosses in a different order then I did.

    As for Force unleashed difficulty … it can be downright slaughter with enemies falling to your right and left just because you looked at them funny or you dying horribly because they looked at you funny depending on what difficulty setting you have it on.

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