Introducing… El DragonMati

From the shadows fo the day, and the rains of the summers. Nearly a joke my birth was, nearly a joke my life will be… or will it? I do not know, all I know is that I am here and that I feel.

Hello to all you out there, my name is DragonMati, mostly known as Matias, but call me Mati. I am the link between two worlds, el Ingles and Spanish. I come here on a crusade to change the world, though it is just beginning. For you all to know, I’ve known Visculas and Keljeck for about 5 years now so we know each other just fine. I’m into music (especially progressive metal), drawing and writing. I’m nearly out of Highschool, only a month and a half left! I was into video gaming, but I just don’t care to keep up anymore. I started a band, JetLag, and anew project is due around here soon enough so keep your eyes open!

I will rave about education, society and other stuff, as well as express any emotions I feel, cause rationality is overrated. Anyways, that’s pretty much me, I don’t have much to say right now, but if you strike the right button I’ll let hell loose, or fail to give a damn.

Peace out!

And when the Ragnarök comes, be sure to be on the right side 😉


P.S. That’s my Sig

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