Mom Impersonates Daughter to Get Into High School

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — A 33-year-old woman stole her daughter’s identity to attend high school and join the cheerleading squad, according to a criminal complaint filed against the woman.

Wendy Brown, of Green Bay, faces a felony identity theft charge after enrolling in Ashwaubenon High School as her 15-year-old daughter, who lives in Nevada with Brown’s mother.

According to the complaint, Brown wanted to get her high school degree and become a cheerleader because she didn’t have a childhood and wanted to regain a part of her life that she’d missed.

Brown allegedly attended cheerleading practices before school started, received a cheerleader’s locker and went to a pool party at the cheerleading coach’s house.

Mothers are going back to high school, children are dressing up as adults and our financial overlords can’t be trusted to be responsible with money.

It’s all unravelling at the seams!  And yet my iPod Nano is coming in possibly tomorrow, or Wednesday.  It’s taking awhile for the decline and fall of the American Empire to get to me.

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2 Responses to Mom Impersonates Daughter to Get Into High School

  1. Dragonmati says:

    LMAO! You guys never cease to amuse me :P.

    How comes that book I told you about?

  2. cassandra says:

    lol! who does that, she really needs a life. well here comes a lifetime movie

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