I’ve been talking with the always inimitable Visculas regarding a possible Podcast, we’d call it A Nice Podcast and it’d be sort of like a book review magazine.  Only we’d review games, and let the discussion go where it goes.  Perhaps a movie, or a book or two could also be reviewed, who knows.

What’d ya’ll think?  The downside to me seems to be my inability to adequately update this side, so just imagine what it’d be like for the podcast.  But then again, none of you have seen me rant on games yet.  Here.

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5 Responses to Idea

  1. chocomooseman says:

    Just say no. The only thing we’ve done consistently is random images, and those were all by one person. Personally I don’t see you as a critic, or at least a good one. Sad but true. It seems like you’re only doing this for something to do because you honestly can’t think of anything to do, and feel you should somehow keep beating the dead horse that is this blog, in a bold but futile effort to change your ways of the past.

    You want to do something? Do something different, Podcasts? everyone does those and more, the thing is everyone does them. Do something to make this stand out for god’s sake. YOU CAN’T LET A NICE PLACE FALL BY THE WAYSIDE! THINK OF THE CHILDREN! *cries*

  2. Dragonmati says:

    Tim, your friend is a definite party pooper :P. Too much negativity will ruin this place. Gladly I’m here to help out =D!

    I say go for it. You have absolutely nothing to lose (except maybe time) but hey it’s summer, WHO CARES?! Personally I’d like to see where you lead a chat with Visc… and hey who knows, maybe it can be just more than games and what not. Personally I like the way you look at things, and throwing Visculas’ own point of view would make things interesting. I say YES!

  3. Keljeck says:

    Since it was Visculas’ idea, he’d be the Host. We’re going to bring in another friend named Kotson to help us out as well.

    And since he’s reading this I hope he doesn’t mind. And hope that he signs up <.<

  4. chocomooseman says:

    so being realistic is now an automatic qualification in party poopers anonymous? YOU CAN’T LABEL ME! MY TRAP CARD NEGATES IT! HAHAHAHAHA!

  5. You need a podcast I would listen to it regulary. DO IT!

    Here are some sites to get you started;

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