I thought it’d be fun if I blogged or something.  Now that school is out.

Luckily I discovered this eminently bloggable news story from the New York Times:

Peruvian agronomists, historians and diplomats are chafing at an assertion by Marigen Hornkohl, Chile’s agriculture minister, who said on Monday, “Few people know that 99 percent of the world’s potatoes have some type of genetic link to potatoes from Chile.”

Peru, where the potato is a source of national pride, could not let such a comment pass.

“Obviously the world has known for centuries that the potato is from Peru and that the Peruvian potato saved Europe from hunger,” Foreign Minister José Antonio García Belaúnde told reporters here this week. “The entire world knows this.”

Just last week I was talking to Visculas at lunch, and he was like, “You know, we should be grateful to the great nation of Peru for saving Europe from hunger with their potatoes.” And I was like “Yeah I know, and so does the entire world.”

I don’t know how grateful he should have been toward the peruvian potato though, he is part irish.

h/t: Shawn Macomber

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2 Responses to Potatoe

  1. Dragonmati says:

    SEE THIS IS WHAT I MEAN! Learn some indiginous historyu people:P

    The potatoe is probably from CHILE (VIVA CHILE!), and th Incans massified it. Seeing as how the Indians were the native indian version of the Romans.

    That’s just my theory! :P…

  2. Dragonmati says:

    besides… everyone knows that it’s the invention that matters and not the inventor! (or discovery and discoverer)

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