Supply and Demand, The Food Market

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The rapid rise in food prices could push 100 million people in poor countries deeper into poverty, World Bank head, Robert Zoellick, has said.

His warning follows that from the leader of the International Monetary Fund, who said hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of starvation.

“We have to put out money where our mouth is now so that we can put food into hungry mouths,” Mr Zoellick said. “It’s as stark as that.”

So basically, I am to understand that we as a people are failing to do that which should come natural to us. The human race, the stupid ignorant masses that make up the ‘superior’ race of the world, after learning about our passage through history and its hardships, have JUST figured out that we are going through a food crisis. Well congratulations, I would have liked to think that after the first year the following year they would have done something to fix the issue not let it get gradually worse.

I don’t know much about the economy or government issues, but I do know one thing. We need food to survive, and if the ENTIRE WORLD is running out of such a precious requirement for sweet, sweet life, I’m sorry but start walking. 

Food prices have risen sharply in recent months, driven by increased demand, poor weather in some countries that has ruined crops and an increase in the use of land to grow crops for transport fuels.

Weather is a problem we have to deal with, but what I don’t understand is how we can be so stupid as to make the mistake of using the land we make food on to make transport fuels. I can drive my gas guzzling SUV around now, but I theirs no reason to. Why? Because theirs nothing to eat. OK that may be a bit dramatic. I’m not saying we are going to starve, but I’m not saying we aren’t going to feel it either. In a world were fuel prices are already climbing, now their basically saying that food prices are going to start climbing those same ladders. Eventually they will go down, and everyone will forget about it (Except maybe Haiti) like they seem to do with everything else in history and then we can relive this little nightmare over and over again, but come on people, pull you’re head out and start looking around. Be a little paranoid, it helps from time to time, hell it may even save you a buck or two, of an empty stomach.

First Impression: End Rant

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2 Responses to Supply and Demand, The Food Market

  1. keljeck says:

    Well that’s how the economy works, limited supply and excessive demand leads to higher prices. By my understanding the reason why we are being so stupid as to plant corn for ethanol and not for the food that actually sustains us is because of government subsidies. At least in the US and the EU the government subsidizes the production of corn for ethanol production for reasons that I think are obvious. The down side is that they are artificially inflating demand for ethanol, while artificially lowering the supply of corn. Result? People starve.

    Another reason alluded to in the article is the lack of small farms. In the EU and the US a great deal of regulation is in place to benefit larger farms. The subsidies we put in place to help the poor farmers are now being used to benefit large corporations, and it’s very difficult for small farms to grow and get a market. Especially in the EU where regulation is greater. The less competition in a market the worse it is for the consumer, particularly price wise. When it’s only a relatively small amount of large factory farms determining prices they generally don’t have to worry about out pricing each other. If there were more smaller farms prices would take a bit of a dive.

    But I don’t mean to place all the blame on Government. The east is awaking and getting more money. Soon they’re going to want to live like Americans and that simply isn’t sustainable. The market will do its job by raising food prices in order to establish equilibrium, but the market won’t care for human needs. Westerners are going to have to learn to eat less, give more, and hope the East learns our habits.

  2. Dragonmati says:

    … solution is possible, yet very far away. I claim that with genetic mutation there can be super veggies with out daily needs! These could have hormones that send signals to our brain that we don’t become hungry, and are full with just one bite!

    but besides that, yeah I did hear that growing corn for biofuels is less productive than it is for food.

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