Wise Papa Smurf… Will Not Be Elected

JUNEAU, Wis. – Someone just three apples tall, and imaginary, won’t be part of the Dodge County’s government in Wisconsin.Papa Smurf, the patriarch of the 1980s cartoon Smurf clan, was one of four write-in candidates in the county’s 29th supervisory district seat.

Country Clerk Karen Gibson said there were no candidates listed on the ballot, but there were 15 write-in votes cast for the position.

One of those was the red-clad, bearded Papa Smurf.

I hate to say it, but I think this was the best decision. Papa Smurf hasn’t been the same for a few years now.  Last time I saw him he claimed he invented the peanut, and had been outsed by the other Smurfs.  The story I heard was that he was secretly smurfing with Smurfette, but I need to make it clear I’ve only heard this off the record.  It’s really a shame if true.  He’s been corrupted by his own power…  Where have all the heroes gone?

H/T Hot Air

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