The Second Coming… Of Elvis?

From Reuters:

BUCHAREST (Reuters) – It’s “Love me tender” between the United States and France after President George W. Bush compared French President Nicolas Sarkozy with rock’n’roll singer Elvis Presley.

Bush told NATO leaders at a Bucharest summit on Thursday that when Sarkozy visited the United States recently, he was seen as “the latest incarnation of Elvis”.

While Mike Gravel loves Elvis as much as the next guy, Mike Gravel feels that such lavish praise should not be thrown out lightly. Mike Gravel believes that calling Sarko “the latest incarnation of Jim Morrison” or “the latest incarnation of that guy Carly Simon was singing to in You’re So Vain” would be more appropriate. If anyone is the latest incarnation of Elvis, it’s Noam Chomsky.

Also, if Mike Gravel is elected president he will to sign into law a bill prohibiting the Press from using excessive puns.


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