Keljeck’s Law

I was walking to class today and as I was entering the door there were two girls in front of me who felt the need to apologize because they were standing right in front of me.

But I was the one in fault for walking too fast.  If anything I should have been apologizing to them, or they should have asked to be excused.
But if those girls decided they were going to hijack my Facebook and post panda pictures all over it, you know they wouldn’t apologize.  As offenses become more extreme the chances for apology decrease exponentially.  Call that Keljeck’s Law.  The corollary: The most minute the offense, the greater chance there is for an apology.
I also wish to add ChocoMooseMan’s Corollary:

When in discussion of any offense, situation, or poor experience, those who are completely unrelated to said offense, situation, or poor experience will say they’re sorry. 

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